How to Waterproof a Tent with Simple Tips on Where to Put It

If you are camping outdoors in the wilderness, one sound of nature which you as a camper won’t like to hear is the water dripping from the roof of the tent. Not all camping tents available out there is waterproof or weatherproof, and hence you need to Make a Tent that is both water repellent and weather resistant.

When it comes to waterproofing your camping tent, there are certain factors which you need to consider. Sealing the seams, refreshing the urethane coating of the tent and refreshing the DWR are some of the tips on How to Waterproof a Tent.

The Good Camping Tents these days come with waterproofing feature, but not all models are water repellents. So, you may need to waterproof your tent after purchasing it to ensure that you can enjoy camping during rainy days. Below are the helpful tips on How to Waterproof a Tent efficiently.

Sealing the Seams

The very first and important tip on How to Waterproof a Tent is to focus on the seams as they are the first place where water leaks. To seal the seams, you need to make use of the Waterproof Treatment for Tents.

There are seam sealers available, which are a waterproof barrier, and they are the type of glue that seals the tiny holes in the seams. If the seams have completely peeled off, then remove it before applying the seam sealer.

Rub alcohol and damp cloth to remove the old peeling before applying the new seam sealer.

Coat the Walls and Floor

The second most important tip on How to Waterproof a Tent is to coat the floor and walls of the tent with water repellent. The water repellent will ensure that the water is not entering the tent.

The market has much different Water Repellent Spray for Tents, and you can make use of it to coat the floor and the walls to give a waterproofing effect. Apply the water repellent on the floor inside the tent and then use a damp cloth to wipe off the excessive repellent.

Secondly, you need to use the Water Repellent for Tents on the walls from outside the tent. Spray the water repellent for consistent coverage and wipe off the excessive repellent with a damp cloth.

You must reapply the water repellent once in every year to keep the tent waterproof. You will also find Waterproof Seam Tape for Tents, which are a good option for seams which not leaking heavily.

Seam Seals and Coat Rain Fly

You are required to make use of the Best Water Repellent Spray for Tents to coat the rain fly for waterproofing. If the tent does not have a rain fly, then buy it separately as it acts as the extra layer of the barrier to keep the water at bay and the interior dry. This is an important tip on How to Waterproof a Tent.

These were some important things which you need to consider to make your tent waterproof.

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